Don’t know what to eat? Ask Emacs!

Help me I am hungry and don’t know what to eat!

Your stomache growls, tells you “I am hungry! Go get and hunt anything”, but you are sitting in front of your computer screen head in revolutionary code and dont want to waste energy thinking about what or where to eat now? Dont panic. Relax. Just let Emacs help you.

You can install the fooddice package either from marmalade repo or from, put it somewhere in your `load-path’ and add (require 'fooddice) to your ~/.emacs file.

Now ask Emacs what to do

M-x what-to-eat

M-x where-to-eat

M-x what-to-drink

For better results set or add to the following lists

(setq fooddice/meals '(pizza pommes burger noodles bread soup chinese sushi))

(setq fooddice/drinks '(cola water coffee tea beer whisky milk cacao icetea energydrink))

(setq fooddice/restaurants '(italian chinese thai american japanese))