Encrypted work diary

About two months ago the blog abesto.net inspired me to start a work diary. Being an Emacs lover the normal way for me to do it is of course in Emacs using Org-mode. By now the work diary helped me to keep track of Python debugging sessions and to remember what the hell I am doing at work and how I fixed a damn *peep* problem three weeks ago that’s now unfortunately crying again.

Here’s how I configured Emacs to give me an encrypted diary by pressing f8.

(setq org-capture-templates (quote (
("D" "diary" entry (file "~/organize/diary.org.gpg") "* %T %?"))))
(global-set-key [f8] 'org-capture)

I define an org-capture template that inserts a new line into the file ~/organize/diary.org.gpg. The ending .gpg is enough to let Emacs know it should be encrypted with GnuPG. The %T automatically inserts the current timestamp and %? includes the message you wrote. Afterwards i binded the key f8 to the org-capture function and that’s really all it needs! 🙂


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